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Our Pledge to You


A declaration of the Rights of Residents in Our Homes

It is a prime objective of all our homes that our residents should:

  • Be encouraged and helped to maintain a high quality of life.
  • Be encouraged to maintain independence.
  • Have their privacy respected.
  • Be treated with dignity.
  • Have their human, emotional and social needs respected.
  • Be encouraged to follow the religion of their choice.
  • Be addressed as they wish.
  • Not to be discriminated against on grounds of race, religion, sex, colour or disability.
  • Be cared for in a manner similar to that which would be given by a caring relative in their own home.
  • Be encouraged handle their own medicines when competent to do so.
  • Be able to retain the doctor of their choice.
  • Receive medical and nursing care in private.
  • Be entitled to all the common facilities available to other people living elsewhere in the locality.
  • Be encouraged to discuss their care and needs with the owner/manager of the home.
  • Be cared for by adequate and appropriately trained staff.
  • Be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time.
  • Have the right to consult their own solicitor.
  • Choose to reside in any home they wish.
  • Feel “at home”.
  • Be provided with adequate accommodation.
  • Be encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home.
  • Have access to a telephone.
  • Be provided with nourishing, appetizing and adequate food.
  • Be encouraged to participate in recreational facilities.
  • Be able to complain about the quality of care received in a home.
  • Be given value for money.
  • Enjoy a continued relationship with a home.
  • Have a contract of residence.
  • Be encouraged to take pride in their clothing and personal appearance.
  • Have access to the political process and their political beliefs respected.

Our Philosophy of Care

  • To provide a homely and caring environment in which residents can, and will be encouraged to, determine the pattern of their lives.
  • To provide a home that will meet positively, each resident’s needs.
  • A home where the resident’s enjoy companionship from those employed to care for them.
  • A home where the conflicting emotional factors occur in group living are understood and resolved with tact and sensitivity.
  • A home in which a satisfying community involvement is fostered and maintained and that is rich in opportunities for social, intellectual and spiritual development.

To this end, our view is that homes should:

  • Encourage and help residents to maintain a high quality of life
  • Be well maintained and furnished to provide a bright, cheerful and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Provide facilities to afford residents the opportunity of meeting each other, thus fostering companionship and friendship between them.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of the residents.
  • Welcome and provide hospitality for visiting friends and relatives and, within reason, not place restrictions upon such visits.
  • Where possible, preserve the pattern of life previously enjoyed by residents in their own homes.
  • Give encouragement to those who wish to pursue their religious persuasion, whether it be by church attendance or by visits from clergy.
  • Request visits by residents’ own doctors and provide full sympathetic and supportive Care during periods of illness.
  • Provide a varied and well balanced diet.
  • Observe the principles of the “Resident’s Charter” and the “Aims & Objects of the Homes”.
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