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Care Provision and Activities

Below is a general overview of care and activity provision across our homes. Some details may vary from home to home.Care 2


Our homes are friendly and comfortable and we aim to provide a safe homely environment. We have a range of equipment to assist with all aspect of daily living including adjustable beds where necessary, pressure relieving mattresses when required, bath rails and a lift or stair lift. All rooms are furnished but residents are welcome of bring in any of their own pieces of furniture or personal pictures that they wish. Some of our homes may not be suitable for total wheelchair dependent Service Users but we endeavour to ensure this wherever possible.

To assist our residents with dementia, we have alleviated steps where possible from the internal structure of the buildings. All have lifts or stair lifts to provide ease of access for all residents. Our homes have assisted bathing facilities for our residents who are particularly frail or mentally impaired and need assistance bathing. Each home has a professional cook who does our catering with individual dietary needs being dealt with.

We have in-house laundry systems but ask that all items of personal clothing be marked with the resident’s name and staff are made aware of items needing special laundry treatment.


Our residential homes operate a locked door policy, therefore all external doors are locked and can only be opened by a member of staff (except when a fire alarm is activated, then all doors unlock automatically). This is a safety measure to protect residents with dementia from possible injury or becoming disoriented.

The above does not apply to St John’s Nursing Home which has an open door policy.

Please note that residents who are not admitted under the DE or MD categories (Dementia or Mental Disorder) will be given, if they so wish, the code or key to open the external doors and of course any amended code to the same.


Each of our homes provides a wide range of activities for residents. These vary from home to home depending on the needs of the residents. For detailed information please visit the home’s website that interests you.

Religious Needs

We have a monthly visit from local clergy who gives communion and conducts a short service for those who wish to participate. All other denominations and faiths are catered for as the need arises.

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