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Summary of Our Service Standards


Care 1The rights of our residents are our primary concern and so our philosophy of care reflects this in the services and environment we provide and in our encouragement of the residents to exercise their rights to the full.

Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide high quality care to meet the specific needs and wishes of our residents. We aim to offer and provide high quality care with sensitivity and understanding in a warm, happy and comfortable environment. A care plan will be formulated individually to support each resident’s needs allowing independence and privacy and upholding their dignity in the following ways: ­


We respect and endeavour to protect your privacy and dignity in the following ways:

  • Helping our residents with intimate needs and situations discreetly.
  • Allowing and helping residents to furnish and equip their rooms to their own wishes.
  • Enabling them to use their room as they wish for meals, leisure and entertaining.
  • Offering residents the choice of where and with whom they spend time.
  • Giving privacy to receive and make telephone calls, to read mail and see visitors and advisors.
  • Ensuring information regarding each resident remains confidential.


Disabilities can undermine dignity – to avoid this, each resident will be treated as a valued individual by assisting them to maintain as close a lifestyle of their own as possible. This is achieved by ensuring they have their own clothing and that their personal appearance is as they wish. Also, in offering a range of activities enabling residents to express themselves as an individual, we try to eliminate any discrimination that may occur through physical or mental disability.


We understand that our residents have given up a great deal of their independence when they become part of a communal group residing in a Care Home. We therefore encourage clients to continue to use every opportunity to think and act for themselves by providing personal and technical assistance in a tactful way maximizing each Resident’s ability for self-care, interaction with others and continuing normal daily living activities unaided.

Standard of Accomodation